Davis & Associates Environmental Consulting LLC


There are are many reasons that landowners sell the timber

  • Generate income from the sale of timber
  • Create or modify wildlife habitat
  • Promote growth of residual trees
  • Harvest trees damaged by storms, diseases or insects that would otherwise be lost
Davis & Associates acts as your agent in the timber selling process.  We calculate the volume of timber to be cut and put your timber out for competitive bids.  In addition to a higher return on your timber investment, the residual forest will be in better health after the harvest.  We select trees to be removed that include those of poor form or those that are diseased or damaged as well as those of less desirable species.  Your residual forest will have good stocking levels of healthy trees.  

We can manage your timber harvest for you.  Our services include:

Conducting preharvest planning

Marking and tallying timber to be harvested

Preparing bid invitation with diameter, species, and estimated board feet and  terms of sale

Meeting with bidders to tour sale areas

Helping landowner select best bidder

Obtaining necessary permits

Overseeing logging operation

We have conducted over 40 recent timber sales including sites in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, and sites with rare, threatened and endangered species, wetlands and streams.  We design the timber harvest to protect the environment and comply with federal, state and county regulations while at the same time meeting our clients’ goals in terms of income and wildlife and land management.





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