Davis & Associates Environmental Consulting LLC

Project Experience

Wetland Delineation, Permitting and Mitigation Design

We have conducted over 200 wetland delineations for projects on the Eastern Shore of Maryland as well as locations in Delaware.  We are experienced with the vegetation and soil types found on the coastal plain and the Interim Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Weltand Delineation Manual:  Atlantic and Gulf Plain Region (USACE 2008).  We have a strong working relationship with the Maryland Department of Environment and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and have conducted numerous jurisdictional determinations when required for our wetland delineations.  We also have prepared numerous permit applications and wetland mitigation designs for our clients that were unable to avoid wetland impacts.

Forest Stand Delineations and Forest Conservations Plans

Davis & Associates Environmental Consulting LLC has prepared over 100 forest stand delineations and forest conservation plans for compliance with the Maryland Forest Conservation Act of 1991.  Forest stands are delineated based on topography, soil types, and aspect.  Sample points are randomly located within the study area and the delineation is field verified.  Sampling is accomplished using a wedge prism with a basal area of 10.  The forest structure of each stand is assessed based on canopy coverage, herbaceous groundcover, downed woody debris, invasive plant cover, and the number of shrub species.

Critical Area Environmental Assessments and Buffer Management Plans

Davis & Associates Environmental Consulting LLC has also prepared over 50 Critical Area Environmental Assessments and coordinated with county and local officials to obtain approvals for projects in the Critical Area.  We have prepared and received approval for numerous Buffer Management Plans under the new regulations that went into effect on March 8, 2010.  Furthermore, we have prepared Forest Interior Dwelling Bird Species Worksheets and Mitigation Plans for sites in the Critical Area that were approved and are now being implemented.  We have also prepared dozens of afforestation plans for sites in the Critical Area that lack adequate forest cover.

Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys

Davis & Associates has conducted sensitive species coordination with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  We have the capability to conduct surveys for the Delmarva fox squirrel.  We have conducted surveys for the eastern tiger salamander and the barking tree frog on a 220-acre site in Kent County, Maryland.  We designed the protocols and conducted the surveys which included egg mass surveys and dip net surveys for the eastern tiger salamander and nocturnal chorus surveys for the barking tree frog.  

Timber Sales and Appraisals

We have conducted over 40 recent timber sales including sites in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, and sites with rare, threatened and endangered species, wetlands and streams.  We design the timber harvest to protect the environment and comply with federal, state and county regulations while at the same time meeting our clients’ goals in terms of income and wildlife and land management.


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